Team Trivia for Your Bar or Restaurant

Team Trivia is one of the best specials you can provide to your customers, and is a sure way to put more bodies on your barstools.

There are many entertainment companies offering this activity as a service. They will send a host, with questions and (usually) a big personality. A sound system is often part of the package as well.

That is not a bad route to go, but it can be a little pricey.

Running your own trivia night enables you and your staff to establish closer relationships with your patrons, and you can more easily customize the experience to meet the needs of your establishment. We are here to help you succeed in running your own team trivia night.

Some Benefits of Running Team Trivia

Create a Local Loyal Fan Base

Trivia players come back week after week and stay for the duration of the event.

Bring People in From a Distance

Trivia players do travel. You can bring in customers for trivia who wouldn't come for any other reason.

Fill Your Parking Lot

Potential patrons do judge you based on how busy you seem to be.

The Quality of the Questions is Vital

This is probably not the first thing you think about when you consider running a trivia night, but it is critical that your questions are interesting, fun, and challenging without being impossible.

Of course, you can generate your own list of questions.

But, should you? 

Think about how much time is involved. How long does it take to think of a question, research it, and carefully document both the question and the answer?

We're guessing three minutes, if you are fast.

For a weekly trivia night with 30 questions, that means you or your staff will spend at least an hour and a half a week just generating questions! 

For most bar and restaurant owners, that is a big problem.

On top of that, you can imagine what happens when a question is worded in an unclear way, and there are disagreements about the correct answer. You certainly don't need that.

Let Us Supply You With All the Questions You Need

Professional, time-tested, ready to go...

We solve one of the biggest challenges your in-house trivia night faces, by providing an endless stream of high-quality questions. 

This is a very cost-effective way to ensure that your trivia patrons will leave happy and come back week after week.

No long-term commitment, you pay for four weeks of questions at a time. Your questions will be available to you online, in our member's area. You can choose from a list of categories, and we will also have certain "themed" question packages for an additional element of fun.

And...A Leaderboard!

(coming soon)

Your Trivia Teams will want to be able to see the standings, for whatever "season" you have defined. We will provide a leaderboard for you, with access to enter team names and points. This keeps the players' competitive juices flowing, and adds a big element of fun to the whole experience.